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Ants Walking on a Wire Helps Understand Web Usability
[ By John ]


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This is the first post in a 3 part series discussing Web Usability and the impact It has on user experience. Usability ultimately works in two ways – it can positively affect your viewer’s user experience or it can negatively impact the perception of your company.

At times, when a web development firm mentions web usability it is often followed up with discussions of focus groups, surveys and eye tracking software. Those strategies have great value. But what I’m going to talk about is more elementary than that and applicable to every website on the Internet. The point I am about to make is often overlooked because in essence, it’s simple routine maintenance and hey, let’s face it, not as fun as eye tracking software!

To set the stage, lets move from the web and think about usability in terms of a different experience. Consider for a moment how we know when someone has made a large mistake, and if someone’s mistake is an indicator of their lack of knowledge, understanding or skill.

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Unlocking The Web From Anywhere – Mobile Devices and The Web Part 2 – Blogging
[ By Andy ]


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This is the second post concerning the mobile web. In following posts I’ll consider in more detail some of the tasks that can increase your mobile web productivity and some of the tools that can be used to conduct these tasks. This installment will concentrate on mobile blogging.


Finding the time to write blog content is one of the hardest tasks of my personal working week. Should be easy right? Talking about topics very pertinent to you and your industry. But fact is thinking about topics, writing the content and taking care of all the other necessaries with copy writing is time consuming, but critically necessary.
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Unlocking The Web From Anywhere – Mobile Devices and The Web Part 1
[ By Andy ]


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This post looks at how mobile devices are unchaining us from our computers. And also how the ability to access digital information from anywhere can help you better keep up with your clients, customers, bolster your knowledge and generally boost your online presence.

Unlocking the web from anywhere - internet enabled mobile devices

Ok so, I’m definitely “that guy.” Inline at the store, in the corner at Starbucks, walking around in the mall, in the waiting room at the dentist…ON HIS PHONE. But, I’m not the guy constantly talking on it. Nope, I’m the guy quietly beavering away at something on my ‘little box’ as my Nan would put it.
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Our New Website
[ By John ]


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We are excited to share with you our latest Visual Blaze website!

Why the change? Well, our first site (still online for you to visit) was intended to be a viral marketing piece. Something out of the ordinary to capture attention and have people say, “Woah, that is really cool and stand out from the crowd”. It was fun to build a site based around stop-gap animation.

As we have grown over the past couple of years, a common element exists between the sites we have been developing: fun, interactive AND optimized for search engines. Since we are building these sites for our clients why not build one for ourselves?

Just like our first version, though, we wanted to make certain to separate our look and feel from the crowded world of web development. A quick overview of the core components:

  • Search engine friendly
  • Interactive (check out the contact form!)
  • Unique design
  • Scalable
  • Social Media Integration (follow us on Twitter)

If you, too, find yourself in a highly competitive industry that relies heavily on Internet marketing, this Indianapolis web development firm can help you stand out and be recognized.

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Visual Blaze is an Indianapolis based Web Development firm with innovation and creative thinking at its core.