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Search Engine Optimized vs. Search Engine Optimization
[ By John ]


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What is the difference, you ask? Quite simply Search Engine Optimized is the foundation that the website is built on and the Optimization comes in for the ongoing, data-driven maintenance for things like keywords, meta-data, etc.

Did you know that without a properly constructed site you limit the amount of Optimization your site can endure? Deservedly so, most people look at a website through their browser of choice and if it looks good that works. Well, in the realm of search engines looks aren’t everything! In fact, search engines couldn’t care less about how your site looks and is more interested in what your site says! To further that thought, search engines want to EASILY know what you are trying to say. The easier it is to read, the easier to index.

Therefore the more Optimized your website is from the beginning will make ongoing Search Engine Optimization that much more effective.

Our New Website
[ By John ]


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We are excited to share with you our latest Visual Blaze website!

Why the change? Well, our first site (still online for you to visit) was intended to be a viral marketing piece. Something out of the ordinary to capture attention and have people say, “Woah, that is really cool and stand out from the crowd”. It was fun to build a site based around stop-gap animation.

As we have grown over the past couple of years, a common element exists between the sites we have been developing: fun, interactive AND optimized for search engines. Since we are building these sites for our clients why not build one for ourselves?

Just like our first version, though, we wanted to make certain to separate our look and feel from the crowded world of web development. A quick overview of the core components:

  • Search engine friendly
  • Interactive (check out the contact form!)
  • Unique design
  • Scalable
  • Social Media Integration (follow us on Twitter)

If you, too, find yourself in a highly competitive industry that relies heavily on Internet marketing, this Indianapolis web development firm can help you stand out and be recognized.

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Visual Blaze is an Indianapolis based Web Development firm with innovation and creative thinking at its core.