This post looks at how mobile devices are unchaining us from our computers. And also how the ability to access digital information from anywhere can help you better keep up with your clients, customers, bolster your knowledge and generally boost your online presence.

Unlocking the web from anywhere - internet enabled mobile devices

Ok so, I’m definitely “that guy.” Inline at the store, in the corner at Starbucks, walking around in the mall, in the waiting room at the dentist…ON HIS PHONE. But, I’m not the guy constantly talking on it. Nope, I’m the guy quietly beavering away at something on my ‘little box’ as my Nan would put it.

We live in a very exciting time of Internet-enabled mobile devices. They have allowed me to take back hours of my week previously lost to mindless tasks like waiting inline or waiting to tell my girlfriend she doesn’t look fat in the new dress she is trying on.

So what am I doing with this time? Well, with the limitless applications available for my mobile device, I’m keeping up with information passing between colleagues on Twitter, (and adding to it), I’m reading articles on new web technologies, watching tutorials on a multitude of topics that help me improve my digital craft, drafting Blog posts, even checking Google Analytics to assess and strategize our online web presence.

There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s a fact. And that is also one of the most popular excuses I hear for people not using social networking to help their businesses – not blogging, and not being able to keep up with the multitude of information published to help them keep up with their industry.

If I could recommend anything to these people, (and I do) I would recommend investing in, if they don’t already have one, an Internet-enabled mobile device. Further more, I recommend using it to do all the things I mentioned above! (Just like your mother always said, ‘its not just a toy!’).

Take back the lost hours in your day and see just how much extra you can get done in your over crowded schedule. You may, as was I, be surprised.

Have you taken back those lost hours with a mobile device? What kinds of tasks do you conduct mobily to be more productive? Use the comments form below and let us know.

This is the first in a series of posts relating to mobile web. I will be following up this post with how your business might capitalize on the millions of potential customers who are taking back lost hours by using mobile devices to access the web and the traffic that that can create. I’ll detail some of the ways you and your business can utilize the ‘lost hours’ when enabling yourself for mobile web productivity. Is your current web site accessible to mobile devices? If not, you could be missing out.