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Search Engine Optimized Research
[ By John ]


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This has been bugging me for a while now and I even started writing about it back in April. I thought perhaps it was just me being overly sensitive since we build Google optimized websites.


My curious mind and affinity for crunching numbers went to work (finally I get to use my Math minor). I wanted to get a decent sample size (1400+ websites) and give them a standard criteria to gauge how well Google reads their sites. The criteria mainly looked at how the site was built (indexing-friendly code), image/media tagging and meta description handling. The resulting report generated a score out of 100 and anything over 70 got the thumbs up.

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Talking Tech Series
[ By John ]


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Join me as part of a Talking Tech Series Webinar July 8, 2009 at noon along with fellow colleagues Robby Slaughter of Slaughter Development, Jeb Banner of Small Box and John Wechsler of FormSpring in talking about some of the latest technology trends and tips.

I will be talking and fielding questions about multimedia innovation and when/how to use different media elements in your Website. Utilizing effective multimedia in your website should add to the overall user experience. We’ll discuss some of the elements and directions to take when considering multimedia integration.

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Unlocking The Web From Anywhere – Mobile Devices and The Web Part 3 – Social Networks
[ By Andy ]


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This is the third in a series of posts relating to the mobile Web. This post will focus on social media. Part 2 looked into the mobile Web in one particular area of social media, blogging. In this post I will try and address social networking for the mobile web.
mobile web part 3

‘Social Media’

There aren’t too many people on the face of the earth that haven’t heard the term ‘social media’ or ‘social network’ at least once or twice. Attributed as one of the main results of, or maybe even catalysts for, ‘Web 2.0’, social media encompasses new ways to communicate and share information. It moves users from being passive viewers of information to contributors, authors and actively engaged agents in data.
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