As interactive web design specialists, Visual Blaze implements a design process that enables our solutions to be created efficiently and on target.

Our overall process to attacking any project, large or small, goes through five key steps:

1) Needs Analysis

To get started, we gather as much information as possible by asking the client some critical questions about the topics such as form, function, purpose. Once we have that information, the Visual Blaze team develops a strategic workflow to ensure maximum efficiency during the next stage. The analysis phase is, in our opinion, the most critical phase of any project.

2) Design

From the needs analysis we get a clear idea of the scope of the project.

The design phase is where we start to integrate the needs analysis into a prototype design so that the client can start to visualize the elements within the solution that we are providing.

3) Development

The development phase is where the blueprint created in the design stage starts to become digital. It is also where the majority of the programming and scripting is written that will allow for your project to become a working Web entity.

4) Implementation and Testing

This is the phase in which we have a functional prototype of the client’s project that combines both the design and programming to provide the client with a preview of their project before it is deployed. In addition to micro testing that takes place throughout the development process, further testing also takes place in this stage, incorporating client feedback.

5) Deployment

Once the implementation is complete and we have ensured the system is working functionally, it’s time to bring the system live. Now we’re ready to release the project onto the Web and make it “live.”

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Visual Blaze's web design process has been tried and tested, and is guaranteed to help you to a successful website launch.

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