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What is vbTools?

VB Tools are a suite of online apps built to help streamline typically problematic processes, increase productivity and keep your business innovative. Find out more.

The tools aren't just built for Web developers. Non-developers utilize tools like SEO Admin and NameTag to manage their site's SEO and Sales Leads, respectively. Our aim is to lean on technology to help improve your business.

Name TAG

Name Tag is a Web-based tool that enables users to identify exactly what companies are viewing their Web site.

Allows for tracking of pages viewed and when.


The browser is the key navigational tool for the Web. Getting a quick and accurate snapshot of which one you are using can be important information.

Use our browser assessor tool to effortlessly help you, customers, clients, and/or associates to find out.

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Visual Blaze created VB Tools to solve common problems and improve efficiency.

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