Quote: Wow that looks really cool, do you think you can put something like that on my website? The roots of Visual Blaze are quite interesting. Originally created in 2005 and called Imanageit, we focused heavily on digital signage solutions – think big flat panel screens with custom video displays. We crafted some very eye-catching displays at a time when others were instead jamming a PowerPoint on a TV.

Interestingly enough, most of the conversations that came up about the screens we developed were "Wow. That looks really cool, do you think you can put something like that on my Web site?" So we decided to shift our focus from flat-panel screen messages to Web-based interactive strategies with the same emphasis on creative technologies.

This was a natural move for us, as a number of the team had extensive experience and a fierce interest in Web technologies, and many of the tools we were using for digital signage content were directly related to content creation for the Web.

Its not Imagineit. its Imanageit. At the same time, the name Imanageit, a) didn't really fit with what we were doing and b) was always mispronounced as "imagineit."

Hence the renaming of the company to Visual Blaze, a name that better represents the company and the solutions it provides to its clients.

Visual = eye-catching, attention to detail, interactive, engaging

Blaze = trailblazing, innovative, creative

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Visual Blaze is an Indianapolis based Web Development firm with innovation and creative thinking at its core.

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