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Every Web technology, such as Flash, should be assessed for its appropriateness in meeting the needs, goals and requirements of each individual project, and more specifically, every task a project will execute.

Flash has come to be a truly powerful Web technology that can fulfill a variety of objectives. At its most effective, it can create highly engaging, interactive and compelling Web sites, widgets, RIAs (Rich Internet Application) and other components within a site. Again, it is important to ensure Flash’s appropriate use based on the final product's desired functionality.

At Visual Blaze we are a huge advocate for the Flash platform, but we adhere strongly to the above statement. We select Web technologies based on goal fulfillment, and not on in-vogue technologies or developer preference. We enjoy using Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and any other Web technology that prides itself on stability, reliability and flexibility that allows us to create the very best Web presences for our clients.

We have integrated Flash technologies into Web sites for photo galleries, online video, banners and info graphics. We have also built 100 percent Flash Web sites for high level user interactivity as well as highly interactive menus, animation and media players.

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Visual Blaze produces high-end flash design and development.

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